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Streamline Orthotics and Prosthetics provides custom-made orthotic and prosthetic devices throughout the St. Louis area. We provide services to patients of all ages, and across all levels of care from the emergency department to outpatient facilities. Our board-certified practitioners evaluate each patient to ensure the proper fit and function of the brace or prosthesis. Our onsite fabrication facility and 24-hour on-call service allow us to provide prompt delivery and fitting of high quality prostheses and orthoses, which benefits both the patient and their medical provider.

Our goal for each patient is to help them be as independent and comfortable as possible in their desired daily activities. We value each patient's individual goals, and we work with patients and their families to reach these goals. Streamline's greatest successes occur when our patients reach levels of independence and satisfaction they did not think was possible. 


Read some of our patients' inspiring stories.

Pediatric Patient of Streamline


Streamline Orthotics and Prosthetics has earned a strong reputation for providing innovative orthotic solutions and optimizing outcomes for pediatric patients.

Neck Brace Orthotic


Successful orthotic intervention is more about this collaborative approach than it is about the custom device itself. With the correct orthotic solution, we can encourage enhanced mobility and rehabilitative change that lasts a lifetime!

Man with laptop and prosthetic leg


Limb difference can be overwhelming, let Streamline Orthotics and Prosthetics help you through the process.   We care about your recovery and success. We look forward to setting goals together and then watching you exceed them! 


Sulley welcomes our patients both young and old to Streamline!

We know it can be scary going to any medical office, so Sulley wants to make sure that our patients are at ease and feel welcome when they visit us.

He is a Bernese Mountain Dog Puppy who is in training to become a certified support dog. You can find him in the lobby welcoming you and your family or in the exam room with you if that makes your visit a better experience. He loves to be pet and get hugs and paw shakes from our patients and their families. 


He can't wait to meet you or see you again at your next visit to Streamline!



For new patients or if it has been over a year since your last appointment with Streamline, you will need to update all of your records. You will also be asked to provide insurance and medical history information.

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Visit our FAQs page for questions and answers about New Patients, Orthotics, and Prosthetics.

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Here you'll find Wear and Care Guidelines, Warranty/Return Policy, Notice of Privacy Practices, Patient Rights, Care Instructions, and After Hours Emergency Contact Information

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Exterior of Streamline Building



615 S. Vandeventer Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110​

Phone:  (314) 289-9100
Fax:  (314) 289-9101


8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday - Friday

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