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Having just received your new orthosis or prosthesis, you may have a few questions regarding the wear and care of this device.  Please review the information below and ask your practitioner if you have any further questions.  


General Wear

This device was specifically fit to you to provide the greatest possible degree of comfort by a certified orthotist or prosthetist. Your practitioner will show you and your caregivers how to properly put on and remove the device.  Be sure to follow the individual wearing instructions that your doctor has prescribed.  It is important to adhere to this wearing schedule.



Your brace or prosthesis should fit comfortably and should not create bruises, calluses, or blisters. Check daily for places on your skin that are red or tender.  Ask someone else to inspect areas that you are unable to do so adequately. Should you develop any areas of redness or skin breakdown, contact your practitioner immediately for an adjustment. People with diabetes or lessened skin sensitivity are especially vulnerable to skin irritation, particularly in bony areas.  Extra care should be taken, and even minor skin irritations should be reported promptly.


Proper Hygiene/Skin Care

Follow your doctors’ instructions for removal of the brace or prosthesis to shower and shave. Keep your skin under the device clean and dry to avoid irritation. Be sure your skin is dry before reapplying the device.  Avoid using powders, lotions, or ointments on the skin under the device as this may cause irritation of your skin. If your device becomes loose or painful, call your practitioner or our office to schedule an appointment for an adjustment. 


Cleaning your Brace

Most orthotic and prosthetic devices can be cleaned with a damp, clean cloth. Do not submerge your brace in water, and do not use soaps or chemicals to clean your brace. Be sure your brace is completely dry before wearing. For specific questions about cleaning, your brace, please talk to your physician or orthotist/prosthetist.

Physical Changes related to your Brace

Patients often experience changes in their physical condition that affects the fit of their orthotic or prosthetic device. For example, weight gain/loss or an increase/decrease in swelling may change the way your brace fits. If you experience these or any other physical changes and feel that your brace does not fit properly, please contact us immediately. 


Your orthotist or prosthetist will provide wear and care instructions that are specific to the type of brace or prosthesis. Please call our office at (314) 289-9100 if you have any questions or concerns. 


Your device was provided to you based on the prescription from your physician and we will make every effort to make sure the device fits comfortably and you are satisfied prior to taking possession of the device.  Items provided are non-returnable, and non-refundable once you have taken possession of the device. However, if you have any concerns about the integrity or fit of the device, please contact Streamline immediately so that we can assist you.  Streamline will provide adjustments to the device as appropriate upon evaluation at a scheduled appointment.  Adjustments may not be appropriate if you have anatomical or medical changes.  Streamline may not be able to repair the device and your insurance may not pay for repair/replacement if it has been utilized outside of its intended purpose or has been damaged due to excessive abuse. Please be advised your insurance provider may require medical documentation from your physician stating why the repair or replacement is medically necessary prior to adjustments made.


Protecting your health information is important to us. We have developed certain practices to protect your health information which describe how, when, and why we may use and disclose your health information, as well as your rights with regards to your health information.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act provides certain protections for any of your heath information that can be specifically identified as your own. HIPAA allows us to use your health information and/or share it with another health care provider or insurance company in the following circumstances:

  • To treat and care for you

  • To obtain payment from you or your insurance company

  • In relation to general healthcare operations, such as quality assessment, business planning, customer service and/or training of health care professionals. 

  • When required by law.

If our use or disclosure of your personal health information is necessary for any reason other than those listed above, or any other purpose not allowed under HIPAA, we will ask you to complete a written authorization before we use or release your health information. You are not required to provide authorization for release of your protected health information. 


HIPAA and our privacy practices allow you the following rights regarding your personal health information:


  • Restricting Use/Disclosure. You may request, in writing, a restriction on how we use or disclose your health information. 

  • Requesting Confidential Communications. You may request, in writing, reasonable changes in how or where we may contact you, such as to remind you of appointments or to discuss your treatment.

  • Inspecting and Obtaining Copies of your Health Information. You may request, in writing, to obtain a copy of certain portions of your health information. 

  • Requesting a Change to your Health Information. You may request, in writing, to change or amend certain parts of your health information, as allowed by law. 

  • Requesting an Accounting of Disclosures of your Health Information. You may request, in writing, an accounting of certain disclosures of your health information that you did not specifically authorize. 

  • Obtaining a Notice of our Privacy Practices. Full Privacy Policy or by calling (314) 289-9100


All patients of Streamline have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.  Patients are given the opportunity to express their opinions and preferences for care. Patients have the right to be actively involved in decisions that affect their care. For a complete list of Streamline  Patient Rights and Responsibilities, please contact our office. 


Comments, Questions, or Complaints

Streamline Orthotics + Prosthetics is committed to providing the highest level of care to all of our patients. If you have a comment, question, or complaint, please bring these to the attention of your practitioner. You may also call our office anytime and ask to speak to a manager. If you choose to submit a comment or complaint in writing, please be sure to include your name, address, telephone number, and specific information regarding your issue. A member of Streamline O&P management will contact you within 5 days to confirm that we have received and are investigating your complaint.


If you feel that the privacy of your personal health information has been violated, please contact our office immediately. 


We always appreciate feedback from our patients. Feedback helps us improve our services and provide quality care to all of our patients. Please complete a patient satisfaction survey, Call our office at (314) 289-9100 if you have any questions.


In the event of an emergency related to a device provided to you by Streamline O&P, please call our office at (314) 289-9100. If your emergency occurs outside of the regular business house, please call our office and listen to the recording for additional instructions. If you have a true medical emergency, please contact your physician or call 911.

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